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To the training of the main purpose of the German youth army in this session of the Confederations Cup is not smooth, whether it is a thrilling to draw Chile or victory over Australia and Cameroon, Loew's youth army did not like "a team" that Firmly control the midfield. Can not use the effective and effective control of the ball and the offensive line to reduce the pressure to the Mustafi, Dulle and Jintel as the main line of defense can not keep the innocence of the body, compared to the striker players out of the color, the defense line because too much Of the mistakes and bear a lot of pressure.After three trials of the game, Loew in the key semi-finals resorted to his ideal team of the best 11 people. Gütter, Rudyard and Chimi Xi Fei in Telfast root in front of the lined up, Hector and Henri Si Si were responsible for the two corridors corridor of the offensive and defensive, Rudy guarding the defense in front of the road to Tianjin , Goreczka and Drexler occupy the front area of the ribs, you can always join the midfield faction of Sheddale in the heart of Loew still has an irreplaceable position, known as the new generation of German center to carry the flag of the Leipzig striker Werner also got the first chance. As Loew as early as the Confederations Cup as a "team" to promote the training of fresh blood field, therefore, he chose the most difficult operation, more test the position of the players technical ability and the players of the three defender formation as Tactical blueprint, this self-pressurized way to highlight the new generation of German football people strong strength and self-confidence. In the German team to take the initiative to change at the same time, the traditional classical technology football representative of Mexico is also the coach Juan - Carlos - Osorio's leadership began to try to pay more attention to efficiency and balance of play. Osorio has a wealth of overseas coaching experience, he built the Mexican team with the experience of European players as the skeleton, whether it is 433 or 4231 formation are stressed patience and control of the local pass with. Compared to the German team can master a variety of styles, Mexico's obsession with the ball so that they are vulnerable to the same level of opponents targeted restrictions.

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