Hugh City fear to abandon the deal Anthony

The Rockets are unlikely to get Anthony, even though Anthony is traded to the Rockets or Knights are willing to give up their trading veto. Understanding the rocket operation plan of the insider broke the news, the Rockets did not actively promote the transaction Anthony negotiations, Morey will not comment on this interview.Ryan Anderson is the Rockets after the wages of Paul and Harden players, the Knicks are not interested in Anderson, Anderson's contract there are three years 61 million, while Anthony's contract left two years 54 million, the Knicks do not want to trade Get a bigger player than the Anthony contract, and Anderson's position with the surrender of Boer Jenis.Morey and rocket coach D'Antoni has made it clear that the Rockets last season to play the league's second offensive performance, Anderson's shooting ability to play an important role, Anderson is very suitable for cooperation with Paul.The Rockets want to change Anthony, it must accumulate more trading chips, may need to pull into the third team to operate, but insiders said the Rockets did not currently increase the bargaining chip negotiations.(welcome to ourOnlineGameShop site.We will keep a two-year special case and a non-guaranteed contract unless there is a real benefit to the team," said Morey, "I think it would be inappropriate to try to get everything on July 3 and we could At any time using a non - guaranteed contract to help the team, we want to keep the two - year special case so that when we use it later, we can outperform our competitors in terms of asking prices.Morey said the Rockets retained non-guaranteed contracts in addition to waiting for the use of time, there are some other reasons. All in all, the rocket's current principle of operation is that unless there are amazing things happen, the rocket will not rush to use non-guaranteed contracts and two-year special cases.

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