Mourinho sat with Mora Lata also Lukaku!

Recently, the Mora tower will be rushed to Manchester United in the summer window of the news is endless, in the media view, the Spaniards to the Red Devils play a great possibility. According to the British media, "Sun" news, even if Morattta defected to Manchester United, Mourinho will still buy another center, from Everton's Lukaku became a bird of the favorite candidates. It is worth mentioning that, Mourinho coach in Chelsea was dissatisfied with Lukacusuo to the main location to clean, and in the summer, Mourinho hope to correct their own mistakes that year.Ibrahimovic injured at the end of last season, and therefore lost in the new season to continue to play for the Red Devils may be, and Manchester United another center Rooney in poor condition, the introduction of a center became the Red Devils summer signings focus. After the opening of the summer window, Atletico's Gleeszmann and the Red Devils go very close, but Atletico encounters signings ban, so Gleeszmann chose to stay old club. Then Mora became Manchester United's signings.Lukaku is also not exclusion with Mourinho again to work, he hopes and Mourinho on their own future talks. It is worth mentioning that, in addition to Manchester United, Chelsea also Luukaku eyeing, in Costa Rica hopeless circumstances, Conti that Lukaku is a great substitute for Costa. From the current media broke the news, Everton did not Lukaku as not for sale, but toffee from Lukaku who want to recover huge amounts of money, it is learned that Everton on Lukaku's psychological price reached 100 million GBP.

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