Knight dominate again and again

Last season, relying on a small Thomas led, Horford, Bradley, Claude, Smart, Jay - Brown and other war will help the lineup, the Green Army successfully won the regular season Eastern champion. The playoffs, they pass all the way to cut into the Eastern Conference finals. Only, in the confrontation with James Knight, the Green Army disadvantage is still very obvious. Admittedly, Green Kay is already a strong team in the east, but from the top, they still have a gap.In the original lineup of the Green Army, the backcourt guns and Thomas Bradley a little attack, one can prevent. In the inside, Horford technical fine, can coordinate, can pass. However, by contrast, the third bit has been the team's weak ring. Claude Although the defensive fierce, there are three-point range, is a high-quality 3D players, but his talent, after all, limited.However, the offseason, compared to the salary space locked, the operation of struggling, and even the fate of the disintegration of the knight. Celtics in the reinforcement, but very productive. The draft night, they took off the jogging show Jason - Tatum. And soon, Tatum in the summer league debut, show their own value.Now, with the addition of Hayward, the Green Army lineup has been further enriched, at the 3rd position, they finally have a star player.Almost certainly, next season, with the joining of Hayward, Celtics military strength will continue to improve. This time, they are fully capable, but also emboldened and knight to challenge the. And taking into account the fact that the overall strength of the eastern part of the decline in the new season, in this district, may be the formation of two strong hegemony of the situation.

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