East this summer continue to feed the west

The summer of the transfer market surging accidentally staged, the biggest move than the two All-Star players - Bulls Butler and pedestrians headed George was traded to the west. In addition, Millsap, Teague, Lopez also moved to the west, and like Rondo, Ross, so before the All-Star players are also likely to go to the west. The weak east in addition to the Celtics got Hayward, the other team no new players to join, but also carried out the reverse output, the eastern team management and players in this gourd to sell what medicine?June 23 NBA draft day, heavy deal, bulls sent Jimmy - Butler and 16 this year signed from the Timberwolves get Zach - Lavin, Chris - Dunn and this year on the 7th sign. But the play has just begun, a week later, July 1 trading day to open the day, trading big earthquake, Thunder sent Oradi wave and Sabonis to the Pacers, successfully cut Hu Paul - George. More than two stars, Mirsap, Teague, Lopez also quietly transferred to the west. At this point the crowd had just wake up, the stars do not seem to be so simple tour.In the end is why, the eastern stars have Journey to the West, in the end what kind of magic in the end so strong as Butler, George and his ilk, would rather bear the infamy should also insist on leaving? Does the management of the East turn a deaf ear to all this? Obviously not. In fact, all this early in the east of the North Shore Garden has been planted seeds. The regular season 53 wins the Celtics were defeated by the knights. Half past 41 points behind. The Wizards, the Raptors cut the horse in the Celtic is not even a knight of the enemy, who is the East who the world, already do not have to say.https://www.lolga.com/nba-live-mobile/nba-live-mobile-coins

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