Super pay is bound to disrupt the locker room, sooner or later drag Barcelona

UEFA Financial Justice Act in 2013-14 season officially entered into force, the bill provides the team's single-season loss of not more than 5 million euros. Relevant expenses include sales cost, salary expenditure, related expenses arising from the transfer and other financial expenses, and so on. The relevant expenses include sales income, salary expenses, transfer expenses and other financial expenses arising from the transfer. And the provisions of the UEFA tournament team can not have arrears of payment records, including payment of clubs, players and brokers related costs.Take the 2015-16 season, Barcelona earnings to do reference, you can know that Messi salary on Barcelona damage: the season Barcelona record revenue of 679 million euros, but the net profit after tax is only 28.7 million euros, that is to say Barcelona, ​​even if the steady growth in revenue, steady increase in net profit, it is difficult to make up for the financial deficit left Massey salary - which is Barcelona will Messi contract dragged to July 2017 one of the important reasons, because Barcelona 2016- 17 season earnings may not be as good as the previous season, if the Massey salary increase in this season to complete the club net profit is likely to become negative, and then suffered heavy penalties UEFA.And Messi salary renewal in the 2017-18 season to complete, Barcelona has a greater operating space, but also means greater losses: 2017 summer window, Barcelona certainly difficult to introduce more than 40 million star, The top star with the top salary, Barcelona's financial deficit does not allow the club year after year the introduction of Suarez, Nemal as big star, Messi's salary is enough Barcelona every year to introduce a Suarez.And Messi salary renewal is not an independent personal behavior, may evolve into the Barcelona team group salary increase activities. 2016-17 season, Barcelona for the players to pay a total amount of expenditure reached 318 million euros, close to half of the entire season revenue, and now Messi is equivalent to 40 million increase (20 million after tax to 40 million, pre-tax 4000 Million to 80 million), the Barcelona pay a spending increase of more than 10%. And Nei Maer, Suarez, Busquets made a raise, Barcelona is afraid to find reasons to refuse, then the new season, Barcelona spending growth of about 30% is not alarmist.

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