Manchester United Chelsea will open the new era of the two giants usher in the new captain

Last season, Terry in a very long period of time can not debut the game, during which the Blue Army captain's armbands are wearing Gary - Cahill body, arguably, if Terry left, then Chelsea's The election captain should be Gary - Cahill. But the Sun newspaper points out that David Luis is more likely. Last summer, Brazilian Zhongwei returned to Stamford Bridge Stadium, his play is very good, to help the Blues won the Premiership championship, Louis I was also selected the PFA best team, compared to Cahill, Louis more leadership in the game, More suitable for Chelsea's new captain.Therefore, the "Sun" that Conte is likely to choose Louis as Chelsea's new captain, not Gary - Cahill. British media said that Conti also very much appreciate the courage of Louis in the game, in December last year, in the confrontation with Manchester City, Louis's knee was injured in Aguero, but the Brazilians have not rest, but the injury kicked Last season, this was deeply admired, as the Italian descendant, Louis has reason to serve as captain. In the "Sun" view, Aspili Quetta is also a captain candidate, but he obviously did not Louis's leadership, the Spanish left back character or relatively introverted. Manchester United will also usher in a new era, because the team captain Rooney will bid farewell to Old Trafford, Manchester United captain close to return to Everton. "Sun" claimed that Carrick has been appointed as the new captain of Manchester United, while the vice captain is the Spanish midfielder Herrera. Carrick has just got a new contract for Manchester United, the 35-year-old veteran was met by Mourinho, after becoming captain, he will play a greater role. Herrera's leadership is also very good, last season's UEFA Cup final, he also has a command of the scene of the Mushi Tara break.

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