Ball brother opportunity to come: the second war must rebound

Lakers potential striker Brandon - Ingram because of right leg cramps, bid farewell to the Las Vegas summer league.Las Vegas Summer League on the first day, the Lakers 93-96 lost the Clippers. As the second place in 2016, Ingram starting the play played 31 minutes, 17 shots in 9 get the team's highest 26 points 3 steals 2 blocks and sent 3 assists and 1 rebounds. The last moment, Ingram right leg cramps, then was arm down.For the sake of prudence, the Lakers decided not to let Ingram go the summer league. On the other hand, in the eyes of the Lakers president "magician" Johnson, Ingram is the team's non-sale.In the casino, the Lakers this year's second place show Luzuo - Bauer show is not satisfactory, 15 vote only 2, of which three-pointers in 11, get 5 points 5 assists and 4 rebounds and 2 steals 1 blocks.No Ingram, it means that Bauer will get more chances in the next summer league. Talking about the performance of the first day, the ball brother said: "I got a lot of vacancy opportunities, but unfortunately did not vote. Now the only thing I have to do is to upgrade themselves, this may be my worst time in this game "Bauer's family also came to the scene to watch, "I am glad they are by my side, I believe that the second field of my performance will be a rebound," said the ball brother, "lose responsibility in me, I lost too much The ball.According to the schedule, the Lakers will play against the Celtics in today's summer league.

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